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Natural Diamonds

From the Earth

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Quality matters

"Natural Diamonds"is translated to Diamants Naturel in French. Depuis la Terre means "from the Earth". All our diamonds are 100% Natural, mined from earth. Not lab grown. Our diamonds come from the continent of Africa and are cut in Surat, India. We only sell the Best Quality - Cut, Color & Clarity.

We sell Natural, Earth Mined Diamonds in both states: Raw or Polished.

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Uncut Raw Diamonds

- 100% Natural, mined from earth. 

- Clear, very good clarity.

- No internal fractures or inclusions.

- Both small and big carats available.

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Cut & Polished Diamonds

- 100% Natural, mined from earth. 

- Clarity, VVS and FL, only the best.

- Ideal cut, flawless & Excellent.

- Color D (best) only for white Diamonds.

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Raw diamond prices will rise due to increasing rarity and high excavation cost

Raw diamonds do not glitter like the cut ones because the light that goes inside them is not properly reflected. In order for diamonds to reflect light and shine with incredible splendor, they must first be cut into a shape with flat surfaces...

Rough diamonds do not have any sparkle, but their quality determines the cost of the finished cut diamond. A raw diamond which is flawless could be much more valuable than a cut diamond with a low clarity.

Raw diamonds and many other precious stones come from the ground in all kinds of shapes and forms. They need to be cut in order to have flat surfaces which will make them sparkle and shine.


Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds are the most expensive, because they are known to be the rarest.
The value of the diamond depends on the diamond's color, cut, clarity and carat size.


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